Week 10- WeekEnding 12/9/00

Insulation week!

Getting insulation this week.
Penguin Insulation is the sub handling the job.
It's been below zero for 3 weeks so it will be nice to be dry and warm!

Here's Pat the Batt man. He's insulating the dormers.

Here's Matt and Clay blowing in insulation.
The center vault needed to be covered with a tyvek like material.
This holds in the insulation until the sheet rock is attached.
Due to architectural requirements, the center vault needed to be insulated this way.
On the north and south end the sheet rock is attached first and then insulation blown in.

here's the truck that powers the blown in insulation.
Matt is on the left filling the bin.

Here's Jeff and Tim working on a Saturday to help keep the house warm.


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